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Lucire issue 49 (ships globally; free postage in UK)


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Since Lucire became the first fashion magazine to go from an online format to a print one in 2004, the original edition has been printed in New Zealand. After 20 years, that’s finally changed, so the majority of Lucire’s readers no longer need to pay the exorbitant shipping costs from Down Under.

Check out our exclusive shoots that tend to stay in a print format, get heads-up on stories before they wind up online, and browse exclusive content, all with Lucire’s trade-mark global approach to fashion, providing you a snapshot of the Zeitgeist.

Let us take you around the world with our global coverage of fashion and beauty. The Chrysalis Lab from New Zealand stylist and designer Emma Trask shows what’s possible with upcycling; Lüllepop’s latex fashion is elegant and free from the material’s fetishist context; and Berlin-based, Jeddah-born designer Hala Algharbawi talks about her inspirations. We profile Fargo’s Jessica Pohly and how she calls on her multi-disciplinary training for her work. Elyse Glickman looks at upcoming trends in independent beauty, and Stanley Moss heads to the Biennale di Venezia with his inimitable flair. Lindsay Adler, Joanne Gair, Linh Nguyen and Cannon collaborate on our cover shoot, while three of this amazing team provide two other stunning editorials. D. Andrianopoulos, Gabriel Georgiou and Dimitra Altani shoot for us in Athena. Jack Yan asks: where will the fashion industry be in a post-social media, post-search era?

Printed in the UK, 128 pp. on 150 g/m² stock, plus cover. Laminated softcover, perfect bound. Dispatch takes place three days from the time of your order.

ISSN 1176-8169

This issue

9/ Letter from the Publisher


10/ Image of the Issue
12/ What’s in Trend

18/ The Hard Yards
Are we about to enter a post-social, post-search era on the web? Jack Yan spots some concerning trends in 2024


22/ The Butterfly Effect
The Chrysalis Lab, with its inventive upcycling techniques, marks another step in a highly creative career for stylist and costume designer Emma Trask, who adds fashion designer to her credits. Jack Yan interviews the enterprising New Zealander

40/ Lüllepop: Limitless with Latex
Jack Yan interviews Lüllepop’s Cathleen Reinheckel, who has embarked on a mission to free latex from its fetishist context and to show just what elegant fashions the renewable and largely sustainable material can shape

52/ New York, Reset
A new venue brought a new flavour to New York’s fall 2024 collections, reports Lola Cristall

68/ Enriching Cultures
Hala Algharbawi’s approach to design is to seek out the authenticity and connections between cultures, telling her story through the medium of fashion


84/ Ideas, Innovation, and Self-care Come of Age
Elyse Glickman attends 2024’s Adit show and finds that independent beauty brands are delivering what today’s consumers want
Event photographs by the author


74/ Bringing Humanity
Jessica Pohly has impressed audiences in Fargo, part of a journey that has drawn on her training in many disciplines in the arts. Jack Yan talks to her
Photographed by Josh Fogel
Make-up by Beth Follert
Hair by Dionah Austgen


64/ Seeing Gold
Photographed by Lindsay Adler
Fashion edited by the Cannon Media Group
Make-up by Joanne Gair
Hair by Linh Nguyen
Modelled by Molie Onyongo

90/ Skinscapes
Photographed by Lindsay Adler
Make-up by Joanne Gair
Hair by Linh Nguyen
Modelled by Misha Dubiaha

98/ Nature Reclaims
Photographed by D. Andrianopoulos
Modelled by Sumaya Hazarika
Make-up by Dimitra Altani
Hair by Gabriel Georgiou

110/ Dialled up
Photographed by Lindsay Adler
Make-up by Joanne Gair
Hair by Linh Nguyen
Modelled by Misha Dubiaha


118/ In Search of Laughs at the ’24 Venice Biennale
There may have not been a coherent thread at the Biennale di Venezia this year, entitled Foreigners Everywhere, but Stanley Moss did manage to find true treasures among the repetition and pretentiousness
Photographed by Gioia Meller Marcovicz

129/ Glancing back
A look back at our archives, 15, 10 and 5 years ago

130/ Luxury Line
Even the luxury sector can’t scare off customers in these times—we see familiar names and familiar approaches

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