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About JY&A Media

JY&A Media began publishing in the 1980s, both in print and digitally. In the 1990s, we went from self-contained digital publications for distribution on bulletin boards to publishing on the web. We created one of the first online business magazines, CAP Online, based on a print title we did, and New Zealand’s longest-running online fashion magazine, LucireLucire became UN Environment Programme’s first fashion partner in 2003, and was the first magazine to publish an international sustainable style editorial. In our usual nonconformist fashion, we took Lucire into print in 2004—the first time anyone had adapted a website into a print format. In 2008, we created Autocade, a valuable online resource on cars, which we adapted into a print format in 2023. We are among the most experienced publishers and licensors in the digital space. Find out more here.