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Lucire issue 48 (ships globally; free postage in UK)


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Since Lucire became the first fashion magazine to go from an online format to a print one in 2004, the original edition has been printed in New Zealand. After 20 years, that’s finally changed, so the majority of Lucire’s readers no longer need to pay the exorbitant shipping costs from Down Under.

Check out our exclusive shoots that tend to stay in a print format, get heads-up on stories before they wind up online, and browse exclusive content, all with Lucire’s trade-mark global approach to fashion, providing you a snapshot of the Zeitgeist.

In this issue, read about Taiwanese-born British designer Grace Han who has wowed royalty and first ladies, French-trained American designer Davan Gregori, and Hawai‘i-founded, San Diego-based label Tiare Hawaii. We look at spring fashions and the collections in Paris, New York and Auckland, with exclusive photography from Paris by Daniella Lucier. Lola Cristall, Sopheak Seng, Elyse Glickman, Jody Miller and Jack Yan provide the words, while we feature shoots by Ana Galloway, Jock Robson, Maria Magdalinou, and John Blaine. Travel to Québec and to Melbourne, and read about Alli Reed, the founder of Stratia, the science-based beauty label.

Printed in the UK, 128 pp. on 150 g/m² stock, plus cover. Laminated softcover, perfect bound. Dispatch takes place three days from the time of your order.

ISSN 1176-8169

This issue

9/ Letter from the Publisher


10/ Image of the Issue
12/ What’s in Trend

20/ Awaiting the Next Wave
Fashion is still strong, as evidenced at the Fashion Awards, but not as dominant in the mainstream. Jack Yan offers his thoughts, with contributions from Lucire staff
Photographed by Darren Gerrish, Sophie Stafford, Richard Young, Tatiana Galic, Shaun James Cox, and Getty Images


26/ Driven by Her Spirit, Inspired by a Memory
Taiwanese-born British designer Grace Han’s journey has been a steadily paced, contemplative one, making careful moves on to the world stage and being inspired by her mother’s art. Jack Yan interviews her

34/ Authentic and Inclusive
Hailing from San Francisco and trained in Lyon, Devan Gregori’s journey to her eponymous label is a distinctive one, and shapes her unique approach to sustainable, comfortable and inclusive fashion. Jack Yan interviews her

42/ Timely
Paris Fashion Week saw designers eschewing the concept of time, resolving to live outside of its confines
Photographed by Danielle Lucier and courtesy labels

56/ The Return
Sopheak Seng was there to see New Zealand Fashion Week’s return, where some labels showed that the covid-enforced break allowed them to redouble their efforts
Photographed by Brendon Thorne, Mackenzie Sweetnam, and Fiona Goodall

64/ A Glamorous Glow-up
New York proved to be bold and confident, as Lola Cristall reviews her favourites from the spring–summer 2024 catwalks

70/ Beyond the Holiday
Elyse Glickman speaks with Tiare Hawaii’s Jane Hoskins, who blends Hawai‘ian, Balinese and occidental cultures together with her travel clothing


88/ Into the Stratia-sphere
Stratia founder Alli Reed trusted science instead of hype to create one of indie beauty’s favourite upstarts. Jody Miller interviews her


108/ Intrigue on the Riviera
Anna Shilling’s All in Monte Carlo spins a high-stakes tale through the eyes of four women, founded in the very real lives of those who inhabit the quarter in Monaco. We review it
Photographed by Shan Tomouk


74/ Fête Galante
Photographed by Ana Galloway
Florals and direction by Yvette Edwards
Styled by Sopheak Seng
—Assisted by Miss Dom
Hair and make-up by Hil Cook
—Assisted by Kelly
Modelled by Emily Gannon, Emily Greenfield, and Zach Bostrovas

82/ Don’t Worry, Darlings
Hair by Ronica Samang, Carla Murphy, Anthony Bayer, Tiffany Williams, Majid Joshan, and Gemma Hastie
Creative direction by Sara Allsop
Photographed by Jock Robson
Make-up by Richard Symons
Styled by Sopheak Seng

92/ Reinventions
Modelled by Astrid Bauer
Photographed by Maria Magdalinou
Make-up by Dimitra Altani
Hair by Gabriel Georgiou

102/ Bombshell
Photographed by John Blaine
Modelled by Savanna James
Make-up by Iris Moreau
Hair and styling by John Blaine
Nails by Tracey Sutter


110/ Blending Past and Future
Viking’s Canadian Discoveries cruise reminds Elyse Glickman of earlier times in Québec, while discovering historical villages, nature, and a simpler way of life
Photographed by the author

122/ Seventy-two hours in Melbourne
Fashion and beauty editor Sopheak Seng indulges his passions with seventy-two hours in one of Australia’s most famous cities

129/ Glancing back
A look back at our archives, 15, 10 and 5 years ago

130/ Luxury Line
A celebration of heritage

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